7 Things You Need To Know About Your Realtor!

Its Time To Choose Your Realtor, Here Is What You Need to Know!

Decided to sell your home finally and planning to entrust this ordeal to a Realtor so that you can relax? You will find a number of local real estate agents in your area which makes hiring the best Realtor quite a tough job. Given below are simple tips to ensure that you choose the best Realtor:

1. Inquire About The Agent’s Experience in The Field – Its important you discover how long the real estate agent has been in the field and make sure that you go for someone who has been in this industry for a minimum of three to four years at least.


2. Consider A Full-Time Realtor By Profession – Find out whether real estate is just a part time business or whether he/she is fully dedicated to this field. It would be ideal to choose an agent who has ample time to take prospective buyers to your site whenever they demand it.


3. Inquire Where The Agent Plans To Advertise Your Home – The sites where the agent proposes to have your home for sale is extremely important. It should be in reputed online real estate sites and directories so that more people get to see your advertisement.


4. Find Out Whether the Agent Has A Website – It is imperative that your agent has an established website as this becomes quite a necessity with the advances in technology and it should have good visibility too as nearly 80% buyers look online to find homes for sale.


5. Ask if The Agent Has An Experienced Staff To Look After The Minute Details Of Your Advertising And Sale – A one man show is not a good idea as there are ample details that need to be looked into while advertising your home and during sale procedures. It is important for your agent to introduce you to his executive who can work with you all the way.


6. Get an Average of the Number of Homes the Agent Sells Annually – Inquire about the average sales of your agent annually and compare it with other prospective agents’ sales records. At the same time having hundreds of listings on your agent’s site may pose to be a problem if the agent’s hands are too full to take time to look into you site properly. So settle for a Realtor with good balance on both sides.


7. Communication Matters – The agent you finally settle for must be available seven days a week. Make sure the agent gives an email id, cell phone number or details of any other means of communication to reach whenever needed.

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