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What is Mid-century Modern and why does everyone like it? Leave a reply

Michigan Mid-century Modern Home Styles

House styles change and trends come and go, but certain looks maintain timeless appeal – although usually with the high home prices to match. Midcentury modern has experienced a resurgence in the last few years, but what exactly is midcentury modern and why does everyone like it so much?

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Your first home: Apartment vs. House Leave a reply

Buying your first home is an incredible and exciting experience, but is often fraught with numerous questions and decisions. Depending on where you live, the option of choosing an apartment or a house may already be decided for you, but for many first-time buyers there are a number of pros and cons for each. If all else is equal, how do you know whether an apartment or house is right for you?

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Trendy Topic But Is loft living for You? Leave a reply

TV shows, movies, and celebrity lifestyle magazines love to show off the wide-open spaces that many of the rich and famous call home. Over the last several years, loft living has become incredibly popular, with everyone searching for exposed brick, high ceilings, and big windows. While the appeal is undeniable, lofts can have their challenges, so how do you know if loft living is for you?

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Tiny Homes Are Big New, But Are They For You? Leave a reply

The idea of a “tiny home” can be totally relative to where you live. In New York City, a 400 square foot apartment is a decent size (with a hefty price), but in Michigan, that may seem like a closet! In the past several years, more and more people are looking into tiny homes as options for new construction and existing renovations, but mainly as a way to reduce clutter, optimize space, and keep costs low.

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