Selling A Home In Less Than A Week, Is It Possible?

Outside of the box thinking is needed at times when needing to selling your home

In today’s market, it seems almost impossible to sell your home within a month, let alone a week. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help sell your home faster than ever before. Although we cannot guarantee that you will automatically sell your home within 5 days or less, this exact formula was used by a home seller to sell his home within one business week.

Sit back, grab yourself a cup of tea, and study how a home-seller was able to perfect the art of selling a house in less than a week.


How He Did It

Although there is more than what meets the eye, this is the general breakdown as to how this unique home-seller was able to correctly market his home to a select audience and make it more desirable than ever thought.

Step 1: Use Vintage, Old-school black and white photos to showcase the home.

Although this doesn’t initially sound like a brilliant idea, it caught the attention of home buyers immediately. The B&W photos reportedly “[captured] the imagination of potential buyers”.

Step 2: Place the photos and description of the home online.

With the help of technology, the homeowner was able to place the black and white photos online and was able to generate interest and traffic online.

Step 3: Create an emotional connection.

Instead of offering an open-house, the sellers of the house used a unique approach, using invite-only, wine-and-cheese openings to showcase the home. This marketing approach left a unique, high-class, and desirable taste in potential buyer’s mouths.

Step 4: Promote the exclusive open house using digital marketing.

To add more exposure, the home sellers promoted the “invite-only” showcasing on social media and sending out weekly emails to interested prospects.

Step 5: Add one final touch of good memories

Finally, once people were invited to the wine-and-cheese home-opening, architect Leonard Veitzer walked visitors through the home, pointing out the positive memories associated with its construction.



This unique approach to selling a home is not only creative, but it also makes each and every one of us think outside the box. If you have a home that you’re trying to quickly sell, you may want to consider modeling your approach to this 5-step method. It worked for this home-seller, so it may just work for you!


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