What is Mid-century Modern and why does everyone like it?

Michigan Mid-century Modern Home Styles

House styles change and trends come and go, but certain looks maintain timeless appeal – although usually with the high home prices to match. Midcentury modern has experienced a resurgence in the last few years, but what exactly is midcentury modern and why does everyone like it so much?

Midcentury modern is typically defined as design products or elements that were popular – you guessed it – in the mid-twentieth century. As for architecture, perhaps the best-known midcentury American architect was Frank Lloyd Wright, who epitomized the midcentury goal of clean lines that fuse indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly. If your home budget is the multi-millions, then you certainly might have the opportunity to purchase an original midcentury home, but for most people, it is the lasting influence of the midcentury design that can bring an old ranch home back on trend.

Looking for a Mid-century Modern Home For Sale In Lapeer?

Finding a midcentury home can be difficult, not only because of cost factors. Typically these homes are more predominant in certain areas – like Palm Springs, California – where a concentrated effort over the years has ensured preservation of historic homes. Unfortunately, in places like Miami, Florida, many existing midcentury homes have since been demolished to make way for huge new homes, and unfortunately this reduced inventory means higher prices for those still around.

But with technology comes new ways of achieving your midcentury goals! A new way for midcentury architecture lovers on a budget to have the home of their dreams is by purchasing the rights to an architect’s plans and having a new version built. Of course, this option also has its costs, but it allows you to tailor a new home to the specifications of a classic architect. There are a number of builders and contractors who specialize in classic styles, and by doing your homework, you can find one that best suits your needs.

As for why it has experienced a resurgence, it’s likely that popular shows like Mad Men have reintroduced the simplicity of modern design back into the home. Certain midcentury designers, like Charles and Ray Eames, have had and will always have a place in those homes of those who value comfort, luxury, and good design. These designers are favorites at high-end auctions and retailers, and so may be intimidatingly priced to the average buyer. Of course, this newfound popularity has also meant a resurgence in low-cost dealers creating looks in the style of these more famous designers, allowing accessible options for any budget.

For many, the appeal of the midcentury modern house has roots in childhood. Whether a child of the 1950s or of the 1980s, chances are you’re familiar with the influence of simple lines and minimalistic fusion of elements that are most associated with midcentury modern. While buying an original midcentury modern house may be far out of your price range, there are a multitude of available options to help you update an existing home in a midcentury style, or even to build a new home based on a midcentury architect’s plans.

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